Sunday, May 09, 2010


(I am archiving my first diet blogs. This is one of them. October 15, 2009)

So I am almost at three weeks down on my diet, 7 lbs. down to 234. Yay! You may ask..."how the hell did you lose so much so fast?" Well, I can tell you that I have STRICTLY been following this diet. Okay, strictly...

I joined the gym last Monday, and only went once last week. Actually PUSHING yourself to go to the gym is hard, almost harder than refusing sweets. Thank God I have a gym buddy. I started with 10 minutes on the exercise bike, and about 40 minutes on the trainer machines. Tuesday-I had a little soreness. Wednesday-kill me! I'm never going to the gym again! The worst part about the gym isn't the pain you push your body to, for me it's the INTENSE CRAVINGS right after the gym. The first day I just HAD to have a taco, so I went through Taco Bell, looked at the menu (and my hand-held "fast food calorie" counter) and ordered a regular taco and a chicken gordita "fresco style" (no cheese/sauce, just tomatoes and cilantro). It was sooooooooo goooodddd, like manna from heaven. Last Friday I met up with a friend who was hungry and we went to Bob's Big Boy. Now, normally at Bob's I would get a Patty Melt with fries, a side of ranch, a salad with ranch, and some sort of dessert, like a milkshake or sundae. That day I was really craving some crap, so I ordered chicken tenders with fries and ranch. Let me tell you, I could have licked the plate clean and drank the ranch it was so good! The one thing I didn't do was look up the calorie count...When I got home, I looked it up and suddenly felt nauseous. 938 calories and 70 GRAMS OF FAT. That's without the ranch, by the way. With the calories and fat I had already consumed, I was able to eat a banana for a snack that night in order to stay on track with my diet. The moral of the story for me? It might be good when it hits your tongue, but the craving for crap is still so strong in me it's better to stay away altogether.

This week has been a bit easier. Went to Fresh & Easy and got some low-fat ready made meals that are really good, and stocked up on edamame. Went to the gym two days in a row, and not only did I up my cardio time to 15 minutes ( I realized I really like the elliptical machine), my muscles don't ache like they did the first time. We are going today and meeting up with a trainer so we can get a nice regimen going. The cravings afterward are still there (I told my husband I would cut off my pinky finger for a bag of chips and salsa!), so I may have to get some tips on the best way to fight them after the gym. Wish me luck...



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