Sunday, May 09, 2010

OMFG, Progress!

(I'm archiving my first diet blogs. So this is one of them. October 5, 2009)

So, it seems my biggest weakness is in tune with my insomnia. I made a goal of not eating after 9pm (yes, 9pm-I am a horrible night owl, so the "6pm" rule would starve me by the time I actually went to bed), which, technically, I am achieving. What is happening though is when I wake up at 2am after sleeping 3 hours is I'm STARVING! Thank God for my snack bucket!

What's a snack bucket, you say? Well, I know me. Very well. And knowing that when I get a box of Cheez-It's in front of me, I will throw caution to the wind and eat the whole damn box, I spent the other 4am portioning out all my boxed foods and snacks into seperate ziploc baggies, writing the calorie/fat/fiber (WW calulations) on the baggies and bought a clear box from Ikea (LOVE THAT STORE!) to store all my crap in. It'soverflowing. I didn't realize, until I started dieting, how much actual crap food I truly have in my pantry. The other day I grabbed seven (SEVEN!) Mother's animal cookies (you know, those pink and white sprinkley ones?), and they cost me 210 calories out of the day. So I think to myself: That wasn't that satisfying. I'm still hungry. Next time when I crave sugar I go for a banana or grapes.

Anyways, when I wake up any delectable meal I have ever had (cheesecake, carrot cake, ice cream, donuts) comes flooding into my taste buds and I'm wide awake. Last night I had grapes. Then some chocolate covered raisins. Then a banana. Then, because I was STILL hungry, some pretzels thinking the bread would fill me up, then a big glass of water. Those 2am snacks alone cost 900 calories out of my 1500-2000 calorie day. I could have eaten a double quarter pounder! The only good thing I can say about my insomnia at the moment is that I'm actually not really hungry until about 10am (breakfast) and 6pm (dinner), so I'm not waking up at 2pm hungry, which throws the whole food schedule thingey off. I'm still learning, friends.

So today, I walked into my local gym and signed me and the hubs up for only $20, no strings attached. An hour later we tied our gym shoes on and were off. I spent 5 minutes on the Stairclimber (I don't know if I'm doing it right or if it's just REALLY HARD!), then 10 minutes on the exercise bike. Biked 4 miles woo hoo :) After that showed Jim around the gym (ha) and worked everything out except my stomach. I know I'm already at a gym, I've already made that first step, but my stomach is by far my biggest flaw, and I can't bear to watch it bellow up and down around other people just yet.....

Also, it has been 6 days since I wrote my first blog and was weighed at the doctor's, so I held my breath (literally) and got on the gym's scale. My husband told me, "don't get discouraged if you don't see a change right away", but I looked down and, gym shoes and all, it read 237.5. That's 3.5 pounds from last week. (If you tell me thats water weight I'll cut you!) That's a big deal! A small step for my fat, a giant leap for my overall health! Wish me luck *crosses fingers*



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