Sunday, May 09, 2010

The story of the cat.

So this weekend was the weekend we moved from Yucaipa to Redlands. On Saturday, the gang got together around 8:30am and helped us move. We left the front door open because we knew our two cats, Sam and Portal, would never go outside, and they were already preoccupied running away from my two young nephews trying to play with them. The guys lifted all the big stuff and my mom helped clean. My grandpa said he was "The Supervisor". The only things left upstairs to move were the dresser in the closet, the two beds, and the two computer desks. At 9am, I went to the bank to get the move-in check we needed, and came back home. Hubs comes up to me right away and asks, "Did you take Portal with you? I can't find him". I thought he was joking, but when we walked around the house and checked every nook and cranny he was nowhere to be found. The guys stopped what they were doing to check the outside of the house, the surrounding patios of our neighbors, and the bushes as I grabbed the pet treats and shook them calling for Portal. We were transporting our stuff into my brother's huge ATV trailer, so I jumped in there and called for him. Portal is our "friendly" cat, who loves attention and loves to meow, so I was hoping to hear his meow maybe in a box in there. No sound. I hopped in the car to drive around the block and just lost it. I was sobbing like someone had died. I forgot how much your animals are your babies, and there love is unconditional. I drove up and down the streets, hoping that maybe I would see him sniffing around in grass, or when I came back to the house my family would tell me they found him. No such luck. At this point it was around 10:30, and we had to get moving into the other house. We left some cat food outside so maybe Portal would find his way back. We left our other cat Sam in the empty house with his litter box and cat bowl until the moving was finished.

When my husband got in my car to leave the old house, he started crying as well. Portal was a wedding gift on Valentine's Day last year. Portal was his cat, Sam is my cat. He pulled it together for my benefit and we got to the new place and moved everything in. I drove by myself around noon to pick up Sam and do some more searching. When I got home, Sam, the "quiet" cat, was sitting in the living room. I put him in the traveler and drove around the block yet again. As soon as I started to cry again while looking for Portal, Sam started meowing. This is a cat that meows maybe once a week, and now he is meowing like his heart is broken, which only made me cry more of course. When I got back to the new place I let Sam out (and made SURE the front door was shut!) and started contemplating what we needed to do next. Call Animal Control? Make "missing" signs? Will Sam adjust to a new cat? When I got home everyone had left except my mom, stepdad, and grandpa. While I still had my stepdad there I asked him to move some heavier items into place with my husband. I was sitting on the bed in the bedroom when they went to move the dresser into another spot. In order to get traction, hubs had to open a drawer to lift the dresser, and right away he was like, "Oh my God, come look!". I walked to the dresser, and in the second drawer (my lingerie drawer-my husband's favorite drawer might I add) I see a little white head pop out. PORTAL!!!!!!! I start to sob because I am so happy (three days later, as I write this, I am getting teary eyed). We pull him out of the dresser and he is fine, sniffing around to see the new apartment and play with his brother Sam. We couldn't believe that after five hours, we find Portal, quiet and unharmed in a drawer. I could have pet him so much his fur would have come off!


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